The Work



As newer technologies have become advanced and sophisticated, they play a vital role in eliminating human trafficking. These technologies are used to locate and rescue the victims and some are for catching the perpetrators in crime. Technologies like Video Analytics, Image processing, chat bots, Data analytics, NLP are used to build a platform where data can be analyzed, help and support can be provided by a chat bot and help non-profit organizations to rescue the victims and catch the offenders. 



There is data regarding human trafficking available on open source data portals. Currently, we are looking at interpreting those data sets and have visualized 



There are many non-profit organizations working to eliminate human trafficking like Justice & Care, Prerna, Prajwala India, Snehalaya, Save the children-India, Vidyaranya and others. We are looking for partnering with such organizations and provide them a technological platform in the hope to save more lives.