Human trafficking is a major social problem in India. The statistics are staggering and a major cause for concern. For example, about 1 Lac children go missing every year of which 45% are never traced. The problem takes international hues with 20% of the children are trafficked across the Bangladesh and Nepal border.  Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar worldwide criminal industry.Trafficking involves denying a person their freedom and benefiting from their exploitation. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion when exploiting their victims.  

The many forms of trafficking fall into two primary categories:


  • Forced labor (e.g., restaurant work, fruit stand sales and farm labor)


  • Sexual exploitation (e.g., commercial sexual activities such as prostitution, pornography and stripping)

There are few posters in the Cartoons section which have posters which talks about statistics of human trafficking and in what steps does that happen. The aim of the research is to use the digital footprint left by traffickers across a variety of platforms for effective identification of patterns of operation, which in turn might help in identification, rescue and prevention of trafficking.  

 Around the world and in our present culture, technology has many purposes: communication, tracking, payment services and collaboration. While those purposes are not criminal in and of themselves, a trafficker’s use of technology is typically criminal in nature and exploitive.  

Communication is critical in commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). A trafficker needs to be able to communicate with potential buyers. Using smartphone texting features, texting applications, private or instant messaging apps, or Voice Over IP (VoIP), traffickers are able to communicate with an interested buyer to set up a “date,” discuss payment (or donation) and establish a meeting point. 

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There are organizations who are already working on anti-trafficking problem in India. Their main focus is on the social front which is rescuing the  hostages and catch the traffickers red-handed.

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